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I am a designer that works out of Davis, California. I provide full custom print design, web design, and printing services. I am here to be creative for you. I work across all media enabling me to meet your needs no matter what they are.

Whether you need full project management, or to have me work and be creative within an existing team, I look forward to helping you with your project.

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  • Caffé Central
  • IPCleanTech
  • Marc Thompson ~ Mortgage in Davis
  • Personal Chef logo

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It's about communication

In addition to design services, I offer my help with your social media image. I can customize your facebook & Twitter pages. I can also help you manage your facebook & Twitter content. Please call me at 530.219.6544 for more information.

Custom Copy Writing

How your content is written is just as important as the design of your site. BRAND NEW for 2014! I can provide custom copy writing for any print or web project. Contact me for details

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Find me on Facebook and Twitter. See projects when they are completed and find out about special printing and design promotions.

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About Matthew Quinton Design & Photography

My Current History

Upon leaving art school, I really appreciated the art of collaboration. In my last year, I spent a lot of time in the print making department. I fell in love with lithography. First using the stone, then using photographic plates. I always enjoyed my individual projects, but I loved helping other people get their images plated, inked and printed.

At this time, I was also working in the photo-industry. I sold cameras and worked in a photo lab. Again, I found myself collaborating creatively with my customers. From equipment choice to making the final image, I was talking to people listening to what they wanted and used my skills and creativity to help them achieve what they wanted.

Listening to what people want and creating an end product is the core of my business. Create, Collaborate, Communicate, this is the process I will use to help with your project.

A Little Bit of History

I've always had a connection to the print industry.

My grandfather spent his life in a press room. He started as a press operator and ultimately became a Chief Lithographer. It is amazing to hear stories about the problem solving he had to do. He worked in the industry before computers. He did by hand what people use photoshop for today.

Instead of a press operator or lithographer, my father fixes printing presses. From a very young age, I always looked forward to going with my dad to print shops and getting to go into the belly of a press.

The equipment was always amazing. The gripper bars, rollers, large stacks of paper and inks were always inspiring and amazing to me. I also loved the smell of the paper, ink and grease all melded into one. To this day, I love the smell that hits when walking into a press room.

I on the other hand come into the industry as a creator. Thanks to this history I have a unique perspective on what comes after the design is ready to be printed and how to get the best result.

Where my grandfather and father saw the computer come in and take over the industry, I haven't known any different. I've been using the software that is industry standard from their first versions up to the most current. I've also witnessed and been part of a new media that intermingles with the conventions of print.

Matthew Quinton Design - Print Work

Your Personal Print Designer

Taking a concept from idea to print is an involved process. From pre-production, production, to post-production, I can be your guide. I offer full design services, brand management or simply printing a design you already have.

No matter the design challenge or printing challenge, I can get you to the end product you want.

The printing I provide, most frequently, is offset printing. This printing process produces prints with rich, smooth solids without the streaking found in lesser quality prints. Actual inks are used, not toner. The look and feel of any offset product comes across as more professional. With offset printing your project retains its integrity.

If you need oversized graphics, or a limited run on a print job, I've got you covered here too. I use a printer that can print wall murals, vehicle wraps, photo quality posters and so much more.

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  • City of Davis - Publick Art Walking Tour/Gallery Guide.

Matthew Quinton Design - Web Design

Your Personal Web Designer

When I create a web site, not only do I bring the knowledge of programing and coding, but I also bring a wealth of creativity and design knowledge. Using the latest web design techniques, your site will be original and optimized for the content you want to share. You and your business are unique, your website should be too.

There are alot of buzz words associated with web design today. Resonsive Design, Dynamic Sites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), CMS (Content Management System), and many more. I can provide all of this, but my first priority is making a site that is inviting and allows you and your business to stand out and meet the goals you have set for your business' website. The buzz words come second and all fall into place while we develop your site.

Even if you have an established site, I can help. No matter where your website is hosted, or who originally designed it, I can make the changes you want. Whether you want to change the style of the links, change pictures or redesign the whole site, I can help you greatly enhance your site.

Call me at 530.219.6544 to schedule a time where we can sit down and talk about the web site you would like your business to have.

Check Out These Sites

Live versions: Davis Taqueria, Genviro, California Vintage Specialties, Caffé italia, IPCleanTech, Davis Center for Phsychotherapy, Johnson Burners

  • Davis Taqueria
  • Genviro
  • California Vintage Specialties
  • Caffé Italia
  • IPCleanTech
  • Davis Center for Psychotherapy
  • Johnson Burners

Matthew Quinton Design - Photography

Your Personal Photographer

With most print and web projects being a photographer comes in very handy. Using stock imagery is always an option, but there are times that it can come across as impersonal and obviously not part of your business. In being a phototgrapher, I can show up and get shots of your staff, office, or products so that you are truly representing yourself in print or the web.

My photography is not only part of my design projects, I do take on photographic projects as well. I am not a wedding photographer. I like to take portraits. I truly love shooting product. I love the challenge of bringing life to an object like a wine bottle, candles or even naturally dyed clothe.

Call me at 530.219.6544 to schedule a time where we can sit down and talk about the photography project you have in mind.

Check Out These Photos
  • Product Shot
  • Product Shot
  • Product Shot
  • Product Shot
  • Product Shot
  • Product Shot
  • Product Shot
  • Portrait
  • Portrait
  • Portrait
  • Portrait
  • Portrait
  • Portrait
  • Portrait

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